I will never forget the day we heard the words "Your daughter has cancer". She was only three years old. Why was this happening to such an innocent child? Shock and disbelief do not even begin to describe all of the thoughts and feelings that went through our heads. There were so many questions yet, the majority of them did not have answers.   Our daughter was diagnosed with Stage V Bilateral Wilms Tumor which meant she had kidney cancer in both of her kidneys. Treatment and chemo were started right away. There were so many doctors and nurses seemingly all aroundand a team had been put in place to develop a treatment plan. At times, those early days and weeks seem so foggy. As parents who both worked full time we suddenly had to rearrange schedules, juggle being in the hospital, working and taking care of our other girls including new twin babies. I don't think that the word stressful accurately describes the atmosphere that we were living in. A myriad of emotions constantly clouds your mind. Why did this happen to my child? Is there something we could have done? Is it my fault? To watch your little princess lose her beloved hair, unable to go out and play with the other kids because mommy and daddy said germs will make you sick was heartbreaking. As we advanced into this new world, we began to gain more awareness through meeting other parents and families. The world of childhood cancer to us had previously been nonexistent. Of course we had heard about many other adult cancers yet childhood cancer just wasn't one that we were much aware of. We are blessed and thankful to still have our daughter with us however that is not the case for many families. Childhood cancer is affecting so many innocent children. We must come together as one voice to advocate for awareness, for funding, and for support.


The Moon Family

of Jonesboro, GA