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Being diagnosed with cancer is a very scary experience for any child. Hard to understand, painful to endure and challenging to cope. Our precious daughter, Hailey Bankhead was diagnosed with stage IV Wilm’s cancer on January 15, 2013, at the age of 5. It later spreaded to her lungs. Hailey’s journey consisted of 30 days of radiation and 7 months of chemotherapy. Hailey had to have her kidney and lymph nodes removed. As of August 22, 2013 Hailey is currently in remission.  Hailey’s maintenance care is done every three months. Which then the doctor’s check her blood counts and a full body scan is done to monitor any activity.

Despite the routine treatments and hospital/doctor visits, Hailey lives a fairly normal life as a “Little Diva”. She enjoys going to school and being interactive with her classmates. Her hobbies include: shopping and cheerleading. You can also find Hailey playing outside with her friends making up for lost times. She loves to laugh and tell jokes, she also has a passion for people. Hailey is also the spokesperson and public speaker for the Hailey Bankhead Foundation, Inc.