We had a normal day until Hailey’s teacher said that she was not herself and Hailey pretty much was laying around all day and we needed to take her to the doctor. Hailey’s dad called me and brought her to my job and we continued our day. Once we got to Urgent Care Center Hailey was down then playing so I figured she was faking or she needed to use the bathroom. The doctors call us back and gives us her diagnoses backed up constipation and she let me feel it in Hailey’s stomach. I was relieved this happens all the time with her. I called Mark and told him the news and we were getting ready to be discharged. The doctor came back in and said give us a minute we just want to run a scan. When the Doctor arrived back to the room she told me to have a seat and her face looked like she had seen a ghost. MISDIAGNOSED…

As the doctor began to talk about masses being on her stomach and chest, the words did not register. The doctor asked me if I wanted to take Hailey myself or put her in ambulance and I was still puzzled for what, I can drive her. Still the doctor was short with me she said Hailey is already admitted to Egleston get her there NOW…I had to call Mark (dad) and let him know we were on our way to Egleston and what was going on. Once I got in the car and looked at the clock I was thinking I should have let them take her because its rush hour. God was there with us, there was no cars on the highway and we made it from Stockbridge to Egleston is 20 mins…. Apparently I made some calls and sent out some texts that I dont remember but I’m thankful I did. Mark and I had so much support from the ER to now. Seems like the doctors didn’t want to say what it was but what they thought and of course we needed to wait for the results and biopsies that could take several days. I did not want to hear that my baby was dying so I let Mark and friends listen and talk on my behalf. I was scared to death.

We were taken to our room doctors were in and out around the clock doing tests. Hailey had her first surgery on January 18th, she had a kidney, lymph nodes removed and her port inserted. When I tell you ALL of our friends, close family and church friends were there it was unbelieveable to have REAL people that care. I have never cried so much in my life. We were in the hospital for 12 days. We were sent home still waiting for tests to come back. That night we were at home with some friends and received the call around 11pm…Again, what are they going to say I gave the phone to Mark…. RESULTS WERE FAVORABLE. Which means its curable…We had to go back into Aflac and get our treatment plan. That’s when our life took a pause. Since Hailey’s scars were not healed, they did not want to start chemo. Hailey did radiation every day for a month at 5:30am…First round was her stomach area then they moved to her lungs. Then half way through we began chemo. We basically lived day to day depending on how Hailey was feeling. Some days after treatments Hailey couldn’t walk or she was vomitting or to weak to eat or speak. I cried a lot because there was nothing we could do to fix it. Mark was so positive even though he was hurting on the inside as well. WHY US WHAT DID WE DO is all I could think. Angry people would say oh pray oh we know how you feel honestly they had no idea.

As we got to the 4th session the doctor warned us that Hailey would begin to lose her hair. I had a friend to keep Hailey’s hair braided because I was scared of what to expect. Mark would say you need to have the talk to let her know what was going to happen I couldnt so finally I think we did it together. The day she was getting her braids redone our friend gave me that look…I left the room and called Mark in there again I (we) were hurt. I was so scared to see my baby what was she going to look like. Mark was angry but he called the barber and prepared him and we were on our way. I am thankful my husband and daughter are both silly because he made it fun for her so she was not scared. Then Hailey had so much support I began to get facebook post from people cutting there hair off. How awesome someone would do that for us…Our supporters lived this journey with us. There were times when we couldn’t have visitors but that didn’t stop the love. Hailey then was named ” SLICK” because her head was so smooth. Hailey was a DIVA with a bald head. I remember some days she would have her moments where she wanted her hair back and why did God make her sick. Throughout this journey Hailey has had the highest spirits and a smile that was out of this world. Rarely did you see her sad, frown or upset. Hailey would always say God is here and watching over me I’m okay…It was amazing how God began to use Hailey to minister to us all…. Hailey missed a lot of her Pre K year but Ms. Pierre, her teacher was great she spent many nights by Hailey’s side. August 22, 2013 Hailey was admitted back into the hospital where they had to remove a portion of her lungs which then put her in remission. Hailey did not get to start school with the other children until late October. Hailey was so excited but was always nervous of being called a boy. December 6th, Hailey had her final surgery to have her port removed. As of today we do scans every 3 months our first appointment is February 3, 2014….Please continue to follow Hailey and to keep her in your prayers….Walking testimony <3 ya #TEAM HAILEY

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